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Barry and Chi Chi


Thank you for yesterday's session and email follow up.  We will try to put it all into practice.   We took both dogs to Guildford on Saturday and had coffee and didn't have to apologise to anyone.   Barry reacted to a couple of dogs whilst we sat and had coffee but we were able to preempt and distract generally.  We sat fairly close to a busy road with motorbikes!  No reaction!   I do think they had plenty of other distractions going on.
It felt like a WIN!    We introduced the 'click' sound and got instant attention from both dogs...lots of treats!!!   Chi Chi was an absolute angel...did not flinch when Barry made a noise.   Thank you so much for all your help with our dogs, we are now on the right track to enjoy our dogs again.         Claire, Send  



Your holistic and reward based approach was exactly what I was looking for.  I found the weekly sessions informative and with helpful guidance on what I should be doing with my new puppy to ensure she settled in to her new home with ease. ......hopefully I didn't bombard you with too many emails and phone calls during our time!        Emma, Fulham

Huggie Bear


Thank you Candy for taking the time to help me with Huggie.   We applied all your tips and he no longer barks or lunges at my dad.   The vet found he had an infection which has now been treated and he is much happier.   I think we managed to stop his unwanted behaviour before it became a habit by careful training and the vet's antibiotics.           Chris, Fulham



Good news, Rocky is at last eating his food.  Your advice to be consistent and only feed him twice a day and the correct amount for his weight, breed and activity has helped enormously with his focus on me during his training sessions.   I now only give treats for training.  He's also more relaxed since I'm not trying to feed him all the time and we have more routine in our life.   Big thank you.  
Grant, Clapham



Candy came to my home for my first lesson with my new puppy Sam, and was punctual, professional very easy to talk to. I was amazed at the results and am delighted. 
Patricia, Ripley

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