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Puppy Welcome Package

£260.00 - 4 weeks training programme of 3 x 45 minutes
What to expect:

Puppy information pack

Puppy goodie bag

4 training sessions of 45 minutes each, taken  weekly 

Support via email or Whatsapp for 12 weeks

Your new puppy is learning during every waking moment!  Every interaction, from the first time you meet will be a form or training.  We will cover everything you will need to know about how to give your new family member the best start in life.  I will be with you every step of the way to assist and advise you, making sure you are on the right path to start your lives together.  Surviving the first few weeks can be challenging so I will provide help and support with house training, sleep routines, good manners, greetings, obedience, socialising,  play biting, house set up, crate training, introduction to the harness etc.  I will teach you to show your puppy that what they do through praise and reward is the best practice.   Positive reinforcement training plans, management and supervision leads to success and avoids problems such as fear, avoidance and confusion.

Venue: your home

Support and advice via email or phone for 12 weeks via email or phone. 

Dog Behaviour & Basic Training
£120 - first consultation 
What to expect :

A questionnaire will be sent to you and studied by me before our first consultation.  I will look into your dog's routine, health etc.   Even down to the nutritional needs and offer an alternative food source if I feel necessary.

I will leave you with some coping tips for the behaviour you wish to change in your dog and a few things to work on with your dog during your training sessions.

After our consultation I will send you a bespoke training programme within 2-3 days.

Support via the phone, Whatsapp or emails for 12 weeks 

You and your dog will learn important obedience skills and you will become more able to understand your dog's behaviour.  Understanding what your dog thinks, and teach him/her ways to cope with stressful situations. Aggression, excessive barking, fear reactions, inappropriate elimination, lunging at people, dogs, bikes, restlessness, separation anxiety and hiding are all abnormal dog behaviours.
Build a good, strong bond with your dog and the basic commands such as sit, wait, recall, leave, heel work on and off lead will be easier to accomplish.   I want your dog to enjoy doing the things they like to do, such as running off lead, exploring  but coming back to you when you call.  Both of you enjoying your walk, meeting friends and family, while being safe and in control of your dog.

I strongly believe in using positive reinforcement and good relationship based training.

Venue: Your garden or outside space

Dog Training Course
£210 - 3 hourly training sessions 

Here we will work on basic obedience which is important for all dogs, especially high-energy breeds that love mental stimulation as well as physical exercise.    All dogs should know simple behaviours such as 'sit', 'down', 'stay', 'come' and 'leave it'.   This is essential for a well-behaved and happy dog.

Venue:  In an open space near your home

Contact me now!

T - 07710 775449
E - [email protected]


Pet Advice  

After our first consultation, I will be available for further advice through email, text or a phone call for 12 weeks at no further charge.

Qualifications & Courses

Candy Sullivan
Dog Behaviourist 

Canine Psychology

Intermediate Level

Animal Care College

Canine Psychology

Advanced Level

Animal Care College

Puppy Socialisation

Animal Care College

Canine Body Language

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

Canine Impulsive Control

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

Canine Behaviour Counselling 

Animal Care College

The Dog Teacher